Doomfist has arrived

The latest character to join Overwatch’s offensive roster. Doomfist is a melee based toon who likes to take out tanks in a close fight.

His skills are as follows:


Doomfist will generate a temporary shield when he deals ability damage


This is burst fire from his fist. It is short range and ammunition regenerates over time.


Doomfist will charge his weapon then lunch forward knocking any enemies back. Extra damage is dealt if the enemy hits a wall.


Doomfist will uppercut enemies in front of him, punching them into the air.


Doomfist will leap forward and smash into the ground causing any enemies to be knocked towards him.


Doomfist will leap into the sky, then crash to the ground dealing damage.


Included in this patch is the changes to loot boxes which reduces the number of duplicates you get. To make things even better we will get more credits from boxes!

Diablo III: The Necromancer

Patch 2.6.0 has arrived for Diablo III and with it comes the mighty Necromancer. A spell caster with much faster game play than the other classes.  To play the new Necromancer class you will need to buy the Rise of the Necromancer pack available here.

Coming with the new class are new items, zones and bounties as well as a new type of rift.

Challenge Rifts are dungeons to play with friends and other players alike.  The new zones are The Moors and The Temple of the Firstborn available to explore from Act 2. Players will now find new dungeon sets for gear as well. Diablo


WoW 7.2.5 Patch Notes

The latest patch has arrived in preparation for the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras next week. Mythic keystones have been changed. Class reworks are now up, including the buff of Arms warriors over Fury and Resto druids seeing a slight nerf across the board.

Also included in this patch:

  • Timewalking in the Black Temple is here. Go back and raid with between 10-30 players in Outland.
  • New story scenario with Chromie
  • New events including transmog competitions, dance offs, a moonkin festival and the Great Gnomeregan Race – the gnomes are running.
  • A new pet battle dungeon has been introduced – Deadmines
  • Legendary items have been updated
  • Increased chances to get the rank 3 questline for professions
  • Nomi Snacks are bring introduced to speed up Nomi recipe times
  • Cross realm Mythic available in Trials of Valor and Nighthold.

For the full patch notes go to:

Or visit the battle net forums.

E3 Ubisoft Conference 2017

Here’s the lineup we saw this evening at the Ubisoft E3 conference.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Who knew we needed a cuddlier XCOM in our lives? Because after seeing this we really do. Not sure on the Rabbid Princess Peach though.

Assassins Creed Origins. It already made an appearance in Microsoft’s conference earlier this E3 but we are so excited to keep seeing more of this game and it’s magical guided arrows.

The Crew 2 now bringing you airplanes and boats as well as off road and street racing. Pick your vehicle and win your race.

South Park Superheroes. And SuperTraitors too. South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be released October 17 this year.

Transference – Daniel Radcliffe is here… wait no. We’re sure it’s a hobbit not a wizard. Anyway this seems like the creepy VR we’re too scared to play.

Skull and Bones – this E3 is all about the pirates and we are loving it. Looking to be Assassins Creed Black Flag without the Assassins. We’re hoping this is more of that great sea game play with prettier ships and interesting story.

Starlink Battle for Atlas – Skylanders meets No Man’s Sky (preferably with more content?)

Far Cry 5 was shown in more detail. We felt chills at the intro and now we all want a good doggo to be our fangs for hire.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has finally arrived. After a 15 year hiatus from our lives and gamer hearts, BGE is back and looking AMAZING.

Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere

It’s been over 12 hours since the livestream of Destiny 2’s gameplay premiere and the goosebumps are still there. Whilst there is still a lot more to be revealed about the game (E3 please deliver!), we saw enough last night to draw us in.

Here is the official gameplay trailer:

Firstly, welcome to the PC players, for all those left behind in Destiny 1 when they decided they no longer wanted to play on a console, or to those who never owned one. You are free to join the battle.

Destiny 2 is bringing in new features and refining old ones to improve the gameplay and player enjoyment.

For those lone wolves who wish to raid but don’t want to deal with clans, Bungie has introduced Guided Games which allows you to join with a clan for the sole purpose of a raid and then go off by your lonesome once more.

Players can travel across Earth, Io, Titan and Nessus to loot, quest and cause mayhem as they wish.

The full details are all in the gameplay premiere below. Details of the beta haven’t been announced yet, although we are hoping to see more at E3 later this year. Stay tuned for more details.


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