Our dearest Emma Watson, role model to many and hated by virtually none has come up with the best idea — to start an online book club. Obviously, I’m joining but I want to do more than just read the book and read what Miss Watson has to say about it. So for the next twelve months, along with my regular posts, there shall be a review of the books chosen for the club and my own little commentary on them too.

Forewarning for those interested in getting involved – this is no book club filled with mysteries, thriller and romances. Following her usual trend Emma is educating the world on equality and the club is all about this.

Book commentaries will go up as soon as possible, but expect them at the end of the month. This gives me time to read them, gather my thoughts and see what the book club has to say about them too.

January’s book is “My Life on the Road” by Gloria Steinem.

If you want to join us in the literary journey of equality this year then follow the link below to see all the upcoming books and our thoughts on them.