Second book in the Peter Grant series it follows on a couple of months after the previous book’s events. Peter is progressing in his magical skills, and Leslie is slowly recovering when another mysterious murder occurs.

Aaronovitch continues his quirky series with his usual twists and comedy from the quick witted Lieutenant Nightingale and floundering sidekick Peter Grant. Grant’s curiosity causing accidents more often than success and a slight obsessions with his boss’s Jag provides depth to his character.

With less intelligence than one might expect, Grant manages to get by with his thorough research for fear of Nightingale and the clever mind of Leslie who’s police work is admittedly far superior to his. Paired with his  constant interest in any woman who so much as looks at him (apart from the formidable Detective Stephanopoulis of course) and endless ironic humour, Grant turns into quite the comedic personality as the book progresses.

It is nigh impossible to not feel sorry for him, as he is constantly at the centre of some dastardly supernatural plot or murder with no clue on how to control the power he possesses, let alone the brains to solve a case single handed.

With such a loveable and more than slightly clueless protagonist, Aaronovitch continues to build a world that is so similar to ours, you almost expect to bump into Mama Thames on a boat ride anywhere below Teddington Lock.