Transistor has to be the best £3 I have spent in the Steam Sale so far, with Bastion (also made by SuperGiant Games) not far behind. You are Red, a singer gaining fame in CloudBank when you are attacked after a concert, finding the Transistor you must battle the Process to save the city, and find out what happened to the one you love.

A quirky little game, it tests your logic by it two way combat system. Either a fast paced round of combat, hitting abilities on the fly whilst trying to dodge the Process, or a logical use of abilities in a pause based system where you are dodging everything once you hit play again.

The series of abilities available to players is completely dependent on how they build the Transistor. Each ability having an active, passive and upgrade function that can be placed in any slot to suit different play styles.

Transistor ability modification

Abilities are traces of personalities found from the dead or when levelled. Putting abilities in different functions allows the player to find out more about the person the ability is made from. This simple system gives story hunters a chance to mix up their playstyle and learn more of the lore as they go along.

Like Bastion, Transistor gives chances to increase the difficulty of the game, although instead of praying to vengeful deities you are adding “limiters” to the Transistor increasing experience gain and modifying the Process to make them stronger in certain areas.

A subtle love story until the end, Transistor combines breath-taking artistry with a smooth and enjoyable soundtrack to bring players back after the first play-through. With a multitude of challenges to increase the game length and difficulty it caters to experience players as well as beginners.