Orisa has arrived!

Built by Efi from decommissioned OR15 defense bots, our new tank has joined the lineup. A well rounded, utility driven tank, she has the right mix of offensive and defensive capabilities to push Reinhardt out of his first tank pick position. Especially with the ability to counter Reinhardt’s strong skills such as Earthshatter and Charge.


Fusion Driver

Fusion Driver – her main weapon is an automatic gun, with decent range this fairly accurate gun can make Orisa feel more like an offense champion than a tank. Striding through enemy lines as a tank and having the ability to take a few champions out at the same time is invaluable as a front line tank.

Firing her main weapon does slow this defense bot down however, and comes with an unfortunately long reload time attached.

Halt – her alternative fire may remind you of Zarya’s ultimate – because it is. Albeit less powerful and it doesn’t come with the trapping mechanism it can be super strong in forcing players away from areas or delaying them in choke points to allow offense champions to destroy the enemy.


Fortify – This ability reduces damage taken by Orisa and “makes her unstoppable for a short time.” This means you can effectively coutner Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ultimate if you can see it coming. This ability prevents knock backs from Lucio and Pharah and can stop a Reinhardt charge.

Protective Barrier

Protective Barrier – This is a throw-able device resembling a curved Reinhardt shield that sets up a stationary shield at the location it is thrown at. Stick this on the payload to protect a Bastion, and you can still go charge the front line.

Supercharger ultimate

Supercharger (ultimate) – a short range buff to allies which increases damage done by friendly champions within line of sight of the device.