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Ghost Recon Wildlands – stop kicking my team members

Having played Ghost Recon since closed beta, I have found one thing to be absolutely clear – it is meant to be played as a team. If this wasn’t made obvious by the fact it is simply more enjoyable in a team, the constant reminders to find a public match when I do attempt to play my campaign solo gives it away.

And whilst a public match should solve all my solo campaign woes of uncooperative AI and it being a little less stealthy, there are a few glaring problems in the way.

a) If I do join a public match, I don’t have to play with the other player(s). And they don’t have to play with me. You have the option to continue with separate missions whilst on the same map. Or the other player is AFK waiting for someone to join their match and you end up having to look for a new one.

b) If the player(s) is inclined to work as a team, unless all team members have a headset and microphone coordination is incredibly difficult. And when playing on elite difficulty, coordination is incredibly important.

c) If we get past points a) and b), there is still a high chance that the server will decided to play havoc with the team. Whether this is the loading screens to get into a team game or the random kicking of team members which results in the loss of a player mid raid on the Unidad, losing a member can severely hamper progress – especially when playing raid missions.

Starting to see the problem now?

And so the Ubisoft servers strike again. Being lucky enough to have three dedicated friends willing to team up with me, I have only had to deal with public matchmaking a few times. However, we have had more than a few missions failed when team members are kicked from the server for no reason. Whilst it is easy to keep going on the lower difficulties, once you are playing on advanced and elite a prepared and coordinated team makes all the difference in completing the campaign.


Ghost Recon Wildlands Review

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the latest game in the Tom Clancy pool. Bolivia has become prime drug country and the aim is to take down the Santa Blanca drug cartel as quietly as possible.

Playable in a solo campaign, with friends or matchmaking online to build the best team to wipe out the Santa Blanca. Even in solo campaign you are not alone – AI team members will join you to aid in taking out bases, avoiding the Unidad and intercepting convoys.

From the get go this game was full of forced conversation between team members and a whole load of navy jokes. We tried several ways of completing missions; guns blazing, stealthy, helicopters and running enemies over in cars. It soon became a routine of stealth though. Upgrading drones was priority and finding a decent sniper rifle was close second. In many cases going into bases was saved until we had killed all the enemies from a distance.

The game has the potentially for spending a lot of time doing side quests, convoys, helping rebels and collecting guns. But in many cases this was unnecessary and we spent time getting a single effective gun and then plowing through the story missions.  With the use of a helicopter – which we always tried to keep close by – moving between missions didn’t take long. Playing in this way was satisfying but at the same time the game didn’t seem long enough. There wasn’t enough of a story element to bother doing side missions after completing the main story line.

The emphasis on playing with other players was forced forward continuously. Pop ups appeared nearly every 10 minutes reminding you of the matchmaking queue and the AI’s capability to sync shot made many of the missions easy even on the highest difficulty.

Some bugs made gameplay hectic and resulted in death if you happened to be flying a plane or helicopter. Others had you running on top of your car whilst you were driving. No missing faces in this game though.

The overall verdict? Enjoyable in a group but quickly becomes routine. Take advantage of the wacky physics that appear and have fun blowing your team members up accidentally during stealth missions. A beautiful game but it doesn’t feel quite finished.

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