Final Fantasy XV is a masterpiece. We can all agree on that, I know. After finally getting my hands on a copy (and on a PS4 again) I have decide to list all the reasons why I, and you, love the latest game so much.

  1. The story!

Following a darker and more realistic theme than the previous games, Square Enix built the story with likeable and realistic characters. Following Noctis and his friends, you start to learn more about what makes each of them so memorable. Each of the relationships can be developed through campfire talks, runs on the beach and driving around. And that is before we move on to the main story line. If you haven’t completed it yet, what are you waiting for? As per every Final Fantasy game made, be prepared to fall in love, cry and then have your heart broken as events unfold in the world.

2. The graphics

Following Square Enix’s history of providing graphical masterpieces, FF XV is just the latest in a long line of visually impressive games. Finally bringing the beauty of it’s cinematics to the gameplay of FF XV, this game is stunning all around. With seamless play throughout the open world, the extent to the detail is difficult to believe considering the general lack of loading screens.

  3. Combat

The combat has become a fluid active time style, similar to that of FF Type-O and Kingdom Hearts. Moving away from the traditional turn based combat of it’s older games, Square Enix has provided an active and variable combat system. The ability to choose weapons, magic and which powers your team use gives players the opportunity to adapt the game to their style of play.

4. Links to the past

Our favourite Final Fantasy re-occurrence happens in the form of Cid. This beloved character appears in every Final Fantasy albeit in a different form each time. In X he was an Albhed uncle, a pilot in VII, a headmeaster in VIII and a doctor in XII.  Chocobos and moogles also make another appearance. Gilgamesh is a recurring boss in the series – being fought in FF V as well. And then there are some easter eggs such as Ramuh’s staff head being that of Ixion – the thunder aeon from FFX.

5.  The game doesn’t stop just because the main story does.

One of my pet peeves about previous FF games is never being able to go back and do all those side quests I missed whilst avidly pursuing the main story line. This game however has some cool features to solve this. Firstly you have the option to continue the game in “Chapter 15” once the main story is complete. The other way is to go back using Umbra your dog, so you can go back to complete sidequests but then essentially teleport back to where you were in the course of the main story whenever you sleep.

6. DLC

The game doesn’t stop now. With DLC coming out for Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis, the fun hasn’t stopped. I have high expectations for these DLC and look forward to finding out more about these characters!