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Diablo III: The Necromancer

Patch 2.6.0 has arrived for Diablo III and with it comes the mighty Necromancer. A spell caster with much faster game play than the other classes.  To play the new Necromancer class you will need to buy the Rise of the Necromancer pack available here.

Coming with the new class are new items, zones and bounties as well as a new type of rift.

Challenge Rifts are dungeons to play with friends and other players alike.  The new zones are The Moors and The Temple of the Firstborn available to explore from Act 2. Players will now find new dungeon sets for gear as well. Diablo


WoW 7.2.5 Patch Notes

The latest patch has arrived in preparation for the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras next week. Mythic keystones have been changed. Class reworks are now up, including the buff of Arms warriors over Fury and Resto druids seeing a slight nerf across the board.

Also included in this patch:

  • Timewalking in the Black Temple is here. Go back and raid with between 10-30 players in Outland.
  • New story scenario with Chromie
  • New events including transmog competitions, dance offs, a moonkin festival and the Great Gnomeregan Race – the gnomes are running.
  • A new pet battle dungeon has been introduced – Deadmines
  • Legendary items have been updated
  • Increased chances to get the rank 3 questline for professions
  • Nomi Snacks are bring introduced to speed up Nomi recipe times
  • Cross realm Mythic available in Trials of Valor and Nighthold.

For the full patch notes go to:


Or visit the battle net forums.

Wow Patch 7.2

Patch 7.2 is here, and it is bringing us back to the Broken Shore.

This patch is bringing us a new dungeon, more class campaigns, new followers, demon assaults, flying, pet dungeons, profession and combat updates and more. So here is what we think you should know straight off.

The Broken Shore is back and we are leading the Armies of the Legionfall through a new campaign to fight back the Legion. With the Broken Shore this will include new world quests, including class specific world quests. Your class campaign and the Legionfall campaign will reward you with a new class mount once completed.

The Cathedral of Eternal Night is open to attack. Located in the upper reaches of the Tomb of Sargeras, dungeoneers will face Agronox, Thrashbite, Domatrax and Mephistroph in this beautiful preclude to the Tomb.

Demon assaults are returning to Azeroth, only this time around the Broken Isles. Battle back the legion forces as they fight to conquer the Isles.

Flying is coming to the Broken Isles – completing the achievement Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part 2 will unlock flying.

Class changes have been implemented in the new patch, full details are in the patch notes below.

Legendary items can now be equipped at 101 (down from 110). Changes have been made to existing legendary items and new legendaries can be crafted by different professions.

Dungeons are now more difficult! But, the item level of drops has increased.

In mythic plus dungeons some affixes have been changed, removed and new ones have been added. New and removed are as follows:

  • Overflowing has been removed
  • Bursting has been added – non boss enemies explode after death causing all players to suffer 10% of their max health in damage over 4 seconds.
  • Fel Explosives has been added- explosive orbs appear which explode after a period of time inflicting 50% max health in damage to players
  • Quaking has been added – players will quake dealing 20% of player’s max health in damage and interrupting spell casts of the player and nearby allies.
  • Grievous has been added – when below 90% health, players have grievous wound.

In PVP, talents and skills have been changed and adapted, full details are in the patch notes below.

To see the full patch notes go to: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/20629899/world-of-warcraft-7-2-the-tomb-of-sargeras-patch-notes

Orisa – quick look

Orisa has arrived!

Built by Efi from decommissioned OR15 defense bots, our new tank has joined the lineup. A well rounded, utility driven tank, she has the right mix of offensive and defensive capabilities to push Reinhardt out of his first tank pick position. Especially with the ability to counter Reinhardt’s strong skills such as Earthshatter and Charge.


Fusion Driver

Fusion Driver – her main weapon is an automatic gun, with decent range this fairly accurate gun can make Orisa feel more like an offense champion than a tank. Striding through enemy lines as a tank and having the ability to take a few champions out at the same time is invaluable as a front line tank.

Firing her main weapon does slow this defense bot down however, and comes with an unfortunately long reload time attached.

Halt – her alternative fire may remind you of Zarya’s ultimate – because it is. Albeit less powerful and it doesn’t come with the trapping mechanism it can be super strong in forcing players away from areas or delaying them in choke points to allow offense champions to destroy the enemy.


Fortify – This ability reduces damage taken by Orisa and “makes her unstoppable for a short time.” This means you can effectively coutner Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ultimate if you can see it coming. This ability prevents knock backs from Lucio and Pharah and can stop a Reinhardt charge.

Protective Barrier

Protective Barrier – This is a throw-able device resembling a curved Reinhardt shield that sets up a stationary shield at the location it is thrown at. Stick this on the payload to protect a Bastion, and you can still go charge the front line.

Supercharger ultimate

Supercharger (ultimate) – a short range buff to allies which increases damage done by friendly champions within line of sight of the device.



Blizzard announce Starcraft Remaster

The original Starcraft game is set to be remastered this year by Blizzard. The game turned 19 years old earlier this year. Not only will we be seeing the campaign we fell in love with turn to 4K Ultra HD graphics but we can continue to battle online against players in the competitive mode.

The game isn’t just seeing a visual update of it’s previous graphics, but will also include new illustrations to help us relive the stories of Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan and Praetor Fenix and our other favourite characters.

There have been no mentions of changing the game in anyway but revamping the audio and graphics. We hope it stays this way, as the original story and gameplay is the reason to go back. The original Starcraft game is currently free for those interested in reminding themselves why they love Starcraft or for those looking to see why they should.

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